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FreshTrak: CSFP

CSFP Reporting - FNS 191

To complete the FNS 191 (Race and Ethnicity) Report follow these instructions.

CSFP: In-Depth Application Renewal Instructions

In-depth instructions on how to renew an application for an already enrolled customer. A customer is eligible to renew up to 60 days before the end of their current enrollment period.  Instructions updated March 19, 2021.

FreshTrak: Service - Serve This Customer

Serve this Customer vs the Served button.  Each has its own purpose.
Serve this Customer when you are actually serving someone – in that moment.
Served button is for after the fact recording a service from yesterday or a week ago.

Watch this video for more details. 

CSFP: In-depth: Serving

In depth instructions for those using FreshTrak to serve CSFP customers. Must make a distribution list first.

CSFP: Distribution List

For CSFP program administrators who are creating monthly distribution lists for distributing CSFP boxes.

FreshTrak:Service: Mobile Add Family Video

FreshTrak:Service: Mobile Add Family Video Adding a new customer to FreshTrak can be as simple as getting a name and address to complete the process. Additional details that can be added in this process are
-Age or date of birth
-License plate
-Household makeup, to include: number of seniors, adults and children

FreshTrak:Service: Mobile Serve Video

FreshTrak:Service: Mobile Serve Video Serving a customer in FreshTrak is quick and easy, just a tap on the screen and you’re finished! To see the last 40 customers you have served and other statuses Reserved, Served, Cancelled, New. (Last 40 Served menu)

FreshTrak:Service: Mobile Search Video

FreshTrak:Service: Video Mobile Search FreshTrak Mobile Search allows for customers to be found based on a variety of criteria. Name, Address, Date of birth, Phone, Alternate ID, License Plate and QR Code.

CSFP: In-Depth: Letter Assignment Instructions

For food bank or agency administrators who manage CSFP applications.  In-depth instructions for assigning a letter to a customer after the application has been reviewed. Updated March 15, 2021.

CSFP: In-Depth: Application Review Instructions

For food bank or agency administrators who review CSFP applications.  In-depth instructions for reviewing an application and assigning the customer to a pick up location. Updated August 10, 2021.