Feeding America’s Support for FreshTrak

We are delighted to share with you that Feeding America has agreed to take FreshTrak to the next level!

In no small part this is because of the tremendous collaboration, insight and trust that so many of our partners have put into this data platform, called PantryTrak, now becoming FreshTrak. It is because of your engagement in developing and growing this amazing customer-centric platform that now, our entire food bank and agency network across the country can use it to better serve their customers too!

Through Feeding America’s commitment to this work, we will be able to provide the entire FreshTrak platform at no cost. (For those with access to Feeding America’s HungerNet system, you can read the announcements in the Service Insights area.)

From the early days when Mark Mollenkopf brought this innovation to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank as a pantry manager, and through to this moment, we are incredibly grateful to be in a position to share this platform with all of our many partners in hunger relief across the country. From the countless volunteers and staff of more than 5000 programs, agencies, and foodbanks that brought us to this point – our team is very thankful for your support on this journey.

To understand a bit about the origins and future of FreshTrak please see our very first blog post. As you can see from this announcement, we’re not done writing the story that began with a volunteer, a mobile pantry, and paper forms… each of us will continue contributing to this work as we all rally around the single idea of Ending Hunger.

The timing and details of the full transition will be finalized in the months ahead. Through the new partnership with Feeding America we will be able to continue driving the success of FreshTrak through further optimization, modernization, and scale of the platform. Having Feeding America lead this next step will go a long way in supporting the evolution and integration of technology systems by meeting more holistic needs of the hungry neighbors that we serve.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm and regard for this incredible path forward. We will keep you updated about the progress through system messages and blog posts. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at freshtrak@midohiofoodbank.org.

Thank you from the entire FreshTrak team!