Creating a digital relationship – FreshTrak:Public

For the first time, we are able to work one-on-one with each customer and help that individual get full use of our network and partnerships through our mobile responsive web-based platform FreshTrak:Public. Struggling households have the ability to find the help that best meets a variety of needs and sign up for services ahead of time. Most importantly, these tools allow everyone to stay safe during the pandemic by reducing the need to meet in-person while still collecting high quality information. At the core of this work is the promise that our app will allow our customers to have an easy and consistent digital experience wherever they are.

For Customers

With the simple entry of a zip code, resource cards are listed for the customer. Each card contains the where and when of the event. Only events that serve the customer are listed which eliminates concerns for the customer. The cards are displayed so the next available event is first. The immediate need for food can be quickly and conveniently addressed. FreshTrak:Public removes the DMV style experience so many customers have and empowers them to feed their families in the ways that best fit their needs.

For Agencies

FreshTrak:Public allows the safe transmission of data from customers to the agency volunteers and staff. When equipped with the digital tools there’s no need to compromise data or safety. FreshTrak:Public is a highly useful planning tool for agencies as well.

For Foodbanks

FreshTrak:Public allows the curation and dissemination of current information to every eligible individual across your entire network. No longer is there the reliance on outdated paper lists or the management of multiple spreadsheets. You are able to quickly communicate changes to registered households.

FreshTrak Reservation and RSVP

One of the most important tools is the ability for customers to pre-register for a time slot via FreshTrak:Public. This can be in the form of a “count me in” style RSVP or a time-bound reservation. A true win-win for both customers and agencies; allowing customers to easily manage their pickup times and better preparing agencies for event turnout.

The Future


Through the creation of profiles, customers will be able to record their own changes to households. This will allow for increased accuracy in household data and insights.


Foodbanks will be able to move beyond transactional service data with FreshTrak:Assessments. These assessments will allow customers to share even more about their needs with Foodbanks. This will further the relationship between customers and resources through a digital space. Foodbanks can better allocate resources and customers can better identify the resources available to meet their holistic needs.

The use of FreshTrak:Public serves to close the loop from customer to agency partner to foodbank. It aids in the removal of the stigma surrounding food insecurity by empowering customers and equipping them with the knowledge of how and when to safely access food for their households.